WIN PürMinerals Jupiter Ascending Collection

I'm sure you'll have noticed the trailers for Jupiter Ascending... with Channing Tatum!? ....thought so! Makeup brand PurMinerals have made a collection inspired by the film, and have set a handful of bloggers a challenge. You may have seen Zoe Newlove or Laura Louise Beauty's challenge posts... but this is the last of the challenges, and your last chance to win the collection, which is exclusive to Feel Unique, (plus pair of tickets to see the film)... with me!

I was sent a parcel from PurMinerals, with some products to use for the challenge, as well as a photo taken from the film which is the makeup they wanted me to recreate. 

Those that know me know I am a Double Wear wearer, but the PurMinerals Disappearing Act Concealer with the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup (in Shade Golden Medium) over the top worked a dream. The foundation buffed into the skin easily, great coverage, and fab staying power. I am definitely going to be adding this one to my regular makeup bag.

I also used the Mineral Glow Bronzing Powder, and warmed my face up slightly, to make the look a little more wearble than that of Jupiter Jones in the film. I finished off with Kinky blush, a gorgeous coraley-pink, then it was onto the eyes.

The Jupiter Ascending palette comes in a great set along with a black liquid liner, and pale pink light-up gloss. The products all compliment each other beautifully.

There is a good range of colours in the palette - nice warm, rich, earthy tones with a good mix of matt and shimmer. Be sure to check out Zoe and Laura's posts (mentioned above) to see some alternative ways of using this palette.

The look I was challenged to recreate was pretty full-on, eye-wise. To ensure I got a strong, punchy colour, I used a wet brush to pick up Jupiter, then packed the colour on all over my lid, before blending it out at the edges using Majesty on a fluffy brush.  I added some Jupiter under my eyes with a dry smudger brush, before finishing with a slick of Big Look Mascara on curled lashes.

I finished off the look using the Lip Gloss Stick in Game Day - a rich, glossy tomato-red... and this is what I ended up with.... what do you think?!

The best news is, that you can win the collection for yourself! Included in the prize is the 4-in1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in your choice of shade, Mineral Bronzer, Big Look Mascara, Chateau de Vine Mineral Lipstick, the Jupiter Ascending Palette, Gloss and Liner, and of course, a pair of cinema tickets to see the film for yourself. Basically everything in the photo below, plus a night out at the movies!

To be in with a chance of winning, please enter your details into the Rafflecopter widget below. Please note that this giveaway is open to residents of the UK only, and will end on Sunday 8th February. The winner will be selected at random and notified by email. Good luck!

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Super Gorgeous February

Well hello there :) it's been a while 'ey!? I have an actual dead iMac :( I am missing blogging sooooo much - and, once I get past the technical problems (i.e can afford a new one!), I plan on being back here as much as life allows!

I am still armed with an iPhone, so am active on Instagram (username: supergorgeous) - and last year started creating monthly photo challenges for people to participate in. It has been lots of fun, and a great way to see product recommendations, and find new like-minded people to follow.

I hadn't created a challenge for January, but had a lot of messages asking where the challenge was, and hoping I would be making a February challenge... so here is it!

How does it work? In an ideal world, you would post this image on your own Instagram (or Twitter, or you blog, Facebook, print it out and stick it on your fridge.... wherever you have chosen you are going to display your pics... for me, it's all about Insta) - tag some friends, get them to play along too - the more the merrier.

Each day, you post the photo relating to that date of the month - so for instance, today you would post a pic relating to Outside, tomorrow is Copycat, Tuesday is Nude.... and you can interpret each theme as you wish. It doesn't matter if you miss a day or two, or five even.... it's meant to be fun, just do it as and when you can. THAT said, this month, I have decided that of the people that complete the entire challenge, I will pick one at random to win a prize. I realise I am posting this at gone 10pm on day 1 so I will let you off day 1....

The only rule I ask, is please use the hashtag #SuperGorgeousBlog when you post your photos - that way everyone playing can see your photos too.

Happy picture taking :) see you on Instagram!
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For all you bargain lovers - make sure you check out -  a new website which allows you to find great bargains. I hadn't heard of them since they got in touch to see if I'd be interested in trying out the Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Utensils set which they had on their site for £23 instead of the usual £37.01 it normally is online.... and I haven't been able to stop searching on their since! Such a great place to be part of especially at this time of year with some fab bargains to be had (and while you're there, I'd definitely recommend the set - my favourite feature is the fact they stand up by themselves, never having to touch the work surface!) 

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Super Gorgeous October

If you'd to join in with this month's Super Gorgeous photo challenge it's as simple as this.....!

Screenshot this image and post it to your instagram / Twitter / blog.... or wherever it is that you'd like to be doing the challenge. Tag some friends to play too - the more playing, the merrier!
Make sure to use the hashtag #SuperGorgeousBlog so everyone else playing along can look at, and support your photos.
Don't worry if you miss a day or even a few - this is meant to be fun, not a chore! If you want to do just a handful of days.... do it!
Most of all... HAVE FUN!

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I first heard of Babyfoot in a magazine, I think Allure - telling me that it was a product which makes your feet peel, and you are left with feet like a baby's. I was so intrigued that I had to check it out for myself. Amazon sells it over here, but always one for a bargain, I bought mine from China via eBay for £3 or something silly. When it arrived the packaging wasn't the same, so I'm guessing that this one is an imitation, but because I don't speak Chinese (if that's the language that's written on the box!) I can't tell for sure!

Due to my language downfalls, I had to google the instructions for actual Babyfoot, which I followed for this. Inside the box is two plastic sock-type things which have a liquid in the bottom which I'm guessing is some kind of acid. You put one foot in each, seal them with the sticky tabs provided, slip some socks on and leave them on for 3 hours. It was hard to stay stationary for such a long time - walking proved... squelchy... although not impossible! After the 3 hours I removed the socks, gave my feet a rinse, and waited for the magic to happen.

The next morning, the soles of my feet felt really tight - as if the top layer of skin had lifted off and was going hard and pulling... but as the week went on and nothing happened, I assumed nothing was going to happen and I'd bought a dud. Then this happened....

This was just the start. This continued for about 10 days - great timing huh!? My feet looked absolutely gross in sandals, and I had to buy little tights-like socks to wear with pumps which wasn't ideal considering it started just as the London heatwave did! Maybe it was naive of me, but I hadn't anticipated just how much peeling there would be! I could grab at a peeling bit and the skin would come off in a big sheet! 10 days after the initial peeling started, I started to get desperate for it to all be over and I pulled off everything that I could, then washed and scrubbed my feet with a pumice stone - I needed to be wearing sandals again!

Sorry, I realise this is absolutely vile!

Even now, 3 weeks after I first used Babyfoot, there is still some skin to come off that clearly isn't ready yet... I can tell because of how tanned my feet were before! Every area of skin has been affected - from in between and the tops of my toes to the sides of my nails, the heel, top of the foot - alllll of it! And my skin is very soft and lovely. Although it's a strange experience, that everyone else around me had to suffer with by looking at my peeling feet, I would definitely do it again - although next time not in the middle of summer!

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Too Faced Better Than Sex & Chocolate Event

Last week I was invited to Mixology in Shoreditch, by Too Faced Cosmetics for a spot of cocktail making in honour of their Better Than Sex and Chocolate event.

I had never attempted making a single cocktail before, so I was very excited to be turning my hand to the other side of the bar! Mixology is a hidden gem... it looks like a standard office door from the outside, but the other side of the door reveals a bar for the 'teacher', and three other bars set up for the 'students', filled with everything you could possibly want for a cocktail - bottles upon bottles of alcohol, mixers and garnish.... and for this event, lots and lots of chocolate!

Too Faced uses cocoa powder in some of its products (HELLO CHOCOLATE BAR PALETTE!) - which give off a gorgeous aroma, hence the theme of the event (plus the sex part is thanks to their new mascara - Better Than Sex!), so we were making chocolate cocktails all evening. There was a small group of bloggers who split into teams of three - I was with the lovely Laura of LauraLouMakeup and Zoe Newlove and together we were an awesome trio!

In total, our mixologist taught us how to make four different chocolate based cocktails -from a chocolate, tequilla and chilli tipple, to, my favourite of the evening - the white russian. At the end of the event each team was challenged to create their own chocolate based creation - we came up with It's Not Terry's - It's Mine, a chocolate orange cocktail which was gorgeous even if I do say so myself... and we went on to win!

We left a little wobbly after so many different concoctions, and loaded with Too Faced Goodies - reviews will be coming soon - if anyone would desperately like a review and swatches of anything in particular first, please let me know!

Annie of Epiphanniea contemplating which of the Melted Liquified Lips to try first

Zoe Newlove giving her cocktail a good old shake!

With our winning creation!

Can't wait to get started on all these!

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Super Gorgeous August!

The monthly instagram photo challenges are still going strong! Here are the themes for August....

It's pretty simple to join in - all you need to do is post this image on your own Instagram... if you'd like, tag some friends to join in too - the more people that play, the more fun it is!

Each day of August, post a photo representing the theme for that day - each theme can be interpreted however you wish... and don't worry if you miss a day - this is meant to be fun, not a chore!

Please make sure you tag your photos with #SuperGorgeousBlog so we can all see each others photos.

Enjoy, and good luck!
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