Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

I picked up the September issue of InStyle magazine, as it had a free Body Shop lip and cheek stain worth £9.50 with it. The two colours on choice were Bronze Glimmer or Rose Pink, the latter being what I chose. I can't see me putting a bronzey shade on my lips to be honest.

In the tube the stain looks gel-like and very red in colour, not 'rose pink' as the name would make you think. There's a sponge applicator which makes application easy, but not much product goes onto, so a few coats are needed. It looks quite luminous on the brush...

On my hand I put 4 dobs of it....

and then I dabbed and rubbed it in....

and I'd still call it red rather than pink. I hate it! On the lips it looks like you've been wearing a lipstick which has worn off, and on the cheeks it looks like I have red skin and need to get busy with a green colour corrector. I wear foundation to stop myself looking like I have red skin, and would definitely not use a product to give me redness. I prefer something with a bit more 'pow' on my cheeks - I feel really washed out when wearing this, maybe I needed a stronger eye to counteract the wishy-washy-ness of this, but my initial reaction is a thumbs down.



  1. I was really disappointed by this too, glad it was a freebie! x x x

  2. I bought it a while back, and am not a lover either!!

  3. It looks really nice in the picture!

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