My First Blog Award

Thank you CheekyBeauty for sending me the Beautiful Blogger Award!

The rules of this award is that I have to write 7 un-known things about myself, and then pass the award onto 5 other bloggers.... so here goes!

Ummmm - this is hard, am having to delve into dark recesses of the brain!

1. When I was born I had a cone head....... (no, seriously!!!) It did go down within a matter of hours, but imagine my poor Mum's horror!

2. My head has since been glued together - I dropped a TV on it when I was at secondary school. It was a choice of shaving my head and having stitches, or having it glued.... errrr like there was a choice - hello!?

3. At my first week of a new, private secondary school I managed to smash a hot chicken and mushroom pie into a boys face by accident & he got burnt. He told the teachers the pie was on the floor and he was running and tripped up into it, so I wouldn't get in trouble - bless him! I found him on Facebook recently and he told me it didn't scar, phew!

4. At the same school I was responsible for making my form teacher crash into my headmistress' car.

5. I have a credit in Blazin' Squads album - I was 'the beanied up receptionist' dontcha know!

6. When I was 12 I had a french crop. No you're not seeing a photo of that one! I wanted East 17 shaved into the back but my mum wouldn't let me, meanie!

7. When I was younger and blonder everyone used to tell me I looked like Cat Deely. I now get Michelle from Big Brother - cheers.

I thought that was going to be hard but it was alright actually!

Ok - and now I'm tagging....

Lipstick Mama
Modesty Brown
Wonkey Monkey
Vaguely In Vogue
I Heart Cosmetics

...over to you, ladies! x


  1. Thanks for tagging me hun!

    Blazin Squad?? No theres a claim to fame and a half! :) What ever happen to them?

  2. Ooohhh no - OH and oldest son in hysterics now thinking about everything I can put down! Will get my thinking cap on seeing as I have to come up with 7 things! Jan


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