My October Wishlist

It's currently the 6th September. I am scheduling this post for 1st October so I can add to it as I find things I like. Keen, much?!

Illamasqua 'Harsh' Nail Polish I saw it used on the tips of nails on the Just Nice Things blog and I love how it looks like silver leaf applied to the nails. I never do 'nail art', nor do I  really do glitters, but maybe I might start getting a bit adventurous!  It costs £13 from the Illamasqua website.

MAC 'Honeylove' Lipstick Cheeky Beauty was raving about it and posted a pic, OMG I love it - it looks like the perfect combination of nude with a hint of colour. Nothing concealery-white about it. Yummmmmmmmmy.

MAC Holiday Collection Gah, September 7th now, and I've just spotted the promo pictures on MyLipsButBetter. I'm not overly keen on tartan - but I just love the look of the products! If I had to chose one thing from those pics it'd probably be the nude eyeshadow palette, but also loving the look of the pinky mineral sets, orange face set, both brush sets (the bags are cool huh?) and all the lipglass and mineral sets. Not much then!

Denman Scented Brush Denman have released a range of brushes which have scented handles - available here. If they aren't too sickly smelling I think they could be gorgeous! I'd like Coconut or Lemon mmmmmmm!

MAC Fix+ with Lavendar I love Fix+, it has so many uses - a setting spray, a facial spritz, or a mixing medium. MAC are releasing a version with lavendar in their Cham Pale collection which will be available in the UK in January. I think the lavendar will be a lovely calming addition. More can be read about the collection, which I think sounds scrummy, over at

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation I know I've only just bought Double Wear but I'm not 100% convinced about it. I'd like to try the MAC alternative to see if it suits me better.

The MAC Venomous Villains Collection to hurry up and release in the UK! I've been excited for October because the collection launches in October, but today is the 1st and there's no sign of it online. As I mentioned in my September Wishlist, there's a few items I'd like to get, so please hurry up and release it while I have some birthday money!

And lastly, Good Skin mine has been awful recently, it's really knocked my confidence. I hope by next month there have been some improvements.


  1. Venomous Villains online on MOnday & instore on Thursday - so I believe! x

  2. I hope you get what you want! Asian Beautifier has done a great review comparing Studio Fix with Pro wear which I found really comprehensive - I have put a link Thanks for the post. Jan


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