Nails of the Day - Essie Smokin' Hot

When I was at the wholesalers the other day I picked up one of the new Winter collection Essie polishes - Smokin' Hot which is a gorgeous dark grey colour with a tinge of lilac. It's really pretty and from the minute I saw it I knew I just had to have it, it's totally me! I can't decide whether I prefer this or Merino Cool - Smokin' Hot doesn't seem to have that perfect formlation and staying power that Merino Cool does so maybe that just tips it for me.

The whole of the Winter Collection was actually rather special and I wish I'd have bought Luxedo too, that will be next on my list.

Hmm actually, Hot Coco is gorgeous too!

While I'm on the subject of hands.... please can anyone recommend me a miracle product for my hands, they are so dry and crispy they're disgusting! I've been applying a thick coat of Flexitol Hand Balm at night with OPI Avoplex cuticle oil, and during the day using L'Occtaine and Kiehls hand creams but it doesn't seem to be enough - please help!?


  1. such a gorgeous colour! amoking hot indeed! love it x

  2. This is a gorgeous colour, I have just put it on thus evening. I found it quite hard to apply though.

    In terms of crispy hands, I would totally recommend the Avenoo hand cream and also investing in some of the TBS gloves to wear at night. The gloves have made a big difference to the state of my hands, bottle washing at this time of year is a killer for my hands!

    Merry Christmas xx


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