Dainty Dollymix's Double Cross Ring

Last week I ordered a double cross ring from fellow blogger Dainty Dollymix, she has a little online jewellery store which you can find here.

I've been after one of these for a while - ASOS sell something similar but you have to chose a size, which can be a bit hit and miss when you're shopping online! The one I ordered from Dainty Dollymix has adjustable ring sizes which is ideal, and as it is, fitted me perfectly when it arrived.

The ring comes in both gold and silver, I chose gold because the watch I wear is gold and thought it would go with more of my things.

I really love it - thank you so much Dainty Dollymix!

You can buy the double cross ring for £6 including p+p here


  1. Awesome ring!!!
    Love it <3


  2. This really suits you and the pics are ama-zing! x

  3. AW i love it!!!!!!!1i just bought one!!!!thanksss

    have a look in my handmade colorful sandals :)


    i follow u here GFC : sirkah-haroulita
    and on twitter : @harishandmade
    follow me too pls

    have an awesome day!!!loveeeee yaaaaaa

  4. I want!! Looks fab, love the pics x

  5. Ooooh it's very Lady Gaga! I likes!


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