Nails of the Day - Barry M Mint Green

I have had this polish for ages, and for some reason have never tried it. This season I seem to be far more open to trying different colours, perhaps influenced by the colour blocking trend. When I looked in my box of polishes last night this was the one that jumped out at me.

Barry M do a great range of polish colours, and are very commonly on promotions such as 2 for £5 in Superdrug. Considering their quality and range, I think they are excellent value for money.

Mint Green is a slightly peppermint, slightly apple colour. It was easy to apply, but was very streaky with just one coat. I did two but could even have gone for a third. It has chipped slightly on my right hand already, which is a bit of a disappointment, especially as I haven't been doing anything hardcore enough to warrant it.

It is a pretty colour, and I think their polishes are a great way to experiment with colours you're a little unsure of.


  1. That's such a pretty color! I wish I had that.


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  2. Mine is looking a bit 'wishy washy' now. It has no chips still though!

  3. Wow, impressed Jorden! Mine was awful, had to take it off last night!

  4. This is such a pretty mint color!


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