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If you have watched The Only Way Is Essex, you will know that all the girls are completely tanned, glam and made up at all times, and if you haven't, frankly, you're missing out! As Season 2 drew to a close, the news came out that one of the stars of the show, Lauren Goodger, was bringing out her own line of fake tan.

Her tanning range, Lauren's Way, consists of a mousse or lotion, both in one shade 'dark', and boy, is it dark!

I was very kindly sent a bottle of Lauren's Way Tanning Lotion to test out. As you can see from the photo above, the lotion itself is a rather scary very very dark brown colour. This acts well as a colour guide, but I was a bit worried I'd end up waking up with a case of oompa-loompa-itus.

Before applying the tan I put some moisturiser on the bits of my body I know get dry, and wouldn't want them to pick up any extra tan than the rest of my body - so knees, elbows, the tops of my feet, and also did around my hairline so I wouldn't get a noticeable line!

I used a mitt to apply the lotion and was pleasantly surprised at the smell. Rather than eau de burnt biscuit so common with fake tans, Lauren's Way smells of watermelons... although sadly as it was developing I did notice that had disappeared and was replaced with the smell of a sunbed shop!

Because of the colour guide, it is easy to apply. The consistency of the lotion seems just right, not runny but not so thick that it doesn't blend in - a bit like a suntan lotion. As soon as you put it on, you look very dark and 'muddy' - here is a photo of my hand with the tanning lotion on...

I left it to touch-dry which only took a couple of minutes, before putting on some loose pyjamas and getting in to bed, wondering how much of this colour would rinse off in the morning!

I had purposely left my skin totally free of fake tan for a week or so before trialling this product, so here you get to see my 'before' legs in all their pasty glory

Please note, I do not usually wear such short shorts - this was merely for the purposes of showing you as much leg as possible! And yes, that is a huge bruise on my thigh - beware the dangers of babygates! Can you believe, I took an actual colour swatch from my leg to make the bar at the bottom, and it says my skin is grey?! Good job I'm testing out a fake tan then, ey!?

Morning came, and wow, I was brown, very brown, with maybe a slight tint of orange. Uh-oh. I got in the bath, and washed my body using a bath-puff thing (is that the correct name?!), and just from looking at the murky water, I knew I would no longer be quite so dark.

After one application of Lauren's Way tan I had a nice hint of colour without looking fake-tanned. All traces of orangeness were gone, in my opinion it gave me a nice, natural sun kissed colour. You may have noticed, the colour swatch taken from my leg has gone from grey to very pale brown, hurrah!

As you can see from the photo, some of my drier patches were picked up by the tan (the top of my foot and some nicks I had on my legs). I decided to keep using it for a few more nights to see how the colour developed as it built up, but made sure I applied more moisturiser over the dry patches and exfoliated them well in the shower.

The more I applied it, the browner I became, but at no point did I look orange. It's not the thing I would immediately turn to if I needed to be brown the very next day, but as far as a gradual tan, it's excellent. I for one, have gone from dead looking to human using it!

Right, you're going to have to excuse the silly pictures coming up, but I noticed something when downloading some photos from my compact camera.

The photo on the left (excuse my moodiness - I was unhappy with my new hair colour and was trying to take a pic to show it to my hairdresser!) is before any tan. The photo on the right is after 3 applications of Lauren's Way tanning lotion.

Looking brown, huh?! It's quite a noticeable difference. I love how the photos have ended up looking like brown-me is pointing at grey-me laughing at my paleness!

To be honest, I was a little dubious about trying this tan out - as much as I wanted to,  as it wasn't a product that had been around for long, and made by a reality tv star, I did have my doubts as to how good it would be. I totally take back any of those thoughts as I am thoroughly impressed and will definitely continue to use Lauren's Way tanning lotion throughout the summer.

Have you tried Lauren's Way tan? What's the mousse like - I am intrigued to know?

If you don't own any yet, Lauren's Way Fake Tan can be bought here, There's a special offer of both the lotion and mousse for only £25 at the moment - happy shopping!


  1. I don't know how it actually looks in real life, but the difference in the photos of the legs is mostly caused by the change in white balance. You can see what I mean if you check out the background, there are 2 different shades of pink on your wall, that's why in the first photo your skin looks grey, while in your other one it is brownish.
    I think it would be more helpful for your readers next time if you compared similar white-balanced images, this way it would be easier to spot the actual difference in colour. Just my two cents :)

    Have a great day and I love your blog btw :D

  2. Hi Blossoms, thank you for your comments. I tried to match the white balance up as much as I could on the before and after pics! x

  3. It's a lot better this way, actually I'm really tempted to buy the lotion now xD It really did a good job :)
    I'm as white as a sheet of paper, so I'll definitely be needing one this summer.

  4. This is a great review, loving the before and after on legs and face! I had the same thoughts as you- I didnt want to try it because I'd never want to be the colour she is! But actually it seems quite safe! Gradually built up well and looks great!

    It's especially noticeable in the face pics, looking so healthy and glowing in the after one!

    I generally prefer something more instant.I use St Tropez instant wash off mouse. Dries and develops in just a few minutes so I love putting it on just before a night out. Its a lot of upkeep though, so I will definitely try this as one that lasts a bit longer, rather than just a one night thing! xx

  5. Thanks! I am a lover of Rimmel's Sun Shimmer for a quick tan for a night out - but at the same time I hate that once I shower I am ghostly white again!

    Self tanning is a lot of upkeep, but sometimes hard work is needed to look healthy the healthy way ;) x

  6. cannot believe she's got her own fake tan line! It lools lovely on your face shots, you look gorgeous in after one xx

  7. You can so see the difference. I am so pale and I hate fake tans that make me orange. I may give it a go!


  8. Wow, I'm loving the results here!
    Haha, I like your photo of you looking like you're pointing at your other photo. ^_^

  9. I'm surprised there isn't a bigger difference after 3 applications in your leg shots, but you have a great colour in the upper body pics!

  10. Love the results, colour looks pretty good! :) xx

  11. was thinking about getting this...thanks for the info! Looks a great colour :)


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