Nails of the Day - Eek Nails

Before popping off on holiday I gave myself an 'eek' polish...

I've loved them ever since Sophy Robson did them all those months ago. I didn't have a white polish which is why I hadn't tried it sooner, but I picked up a cheapy Collection 2000 white for french manicures at the weekend, so there was no stopping me - this is my second set :)

They were very easy to do - just painted my nails as usual (this is Topshop AWOL), and added a layer of Seche Vite. Once that was dry I carefully dabbed on two dots of white near to my nail bed for the eyes, then using my black striper and dotter, dotted on a black pupil. I had to wait for a couple of minutes before adding another layer of Seche Vite - otherwise the black will run as I discovered with my Sunday 'eek's!

I think these are great fun, and my kids love them too! What do you think?

Please note - this is a scheduled post, I will reply to any comments when I'm back from holiday x


  1. Love them! I saw them in Elle & tried doing them but mine were such a fail, yours have turned out really well though :) I love the colour combination you used too!x

  2. nice and creative..

    check me out too .

  3. love this! its so cute! visit us?



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