What's in my Glossybox? September 2011

My September Glossybox arrived today....

Watch the video to see what was in mine!



  1. We got exactly the same box! I just tried the shampoo and conditioner, smells nice but one sachet of conditioner wasn't enough for my hair at all and now it feels nasty! saying that, the shampoo lathers up soo soo well i thought that the one sachet could have been used twice!

  2. Hello Alice!

    I'm sorry that you're having a bad day. Your video was really interesting though :-) I haven't received my GlossyBox yet but I saw Ruth's box as well and was feeling excited and then saw that other people were getting entirely different things. I prefer Boudoir Prive as they send the same to everyone so there's no chance of being disappointed! I agree that until GB use the personal profiles they ought to be more fair in the way they send things out. I'm also not too impressed with some of the 'new' things they are sending - I've had Nuxe oil for years, the Dead Sea Salt range has been in Boots as long as I can remember and I bought a pot of MOA Green Balm at least a year ago! (The Green Balm is a very nice healing ointment. It also works well as a cleansing balm too but it's a bit too expensive to use that way. It doesn't do much when used as a lip balm though so I don't reach for it that often).

    Hmmm. I'm signed up for Boudoir Prive, Feel Unique and GlossyBox as well but will be dropping one. This GlossyBox needs to be good to justify the price increase...

    Anyhow. Best wishes to you :-)


  3. i have not yet opened my box but i really enjoyed watching your video, thank you for sharing your itemes with us :) xox

  4. i better not get sachets and perfume samples that you can get free at counters, when bloggers who get their box early and for free get full size stuff or im cancelling. thats totally unfair, why cant we all have the same.x

  5. I completely agree with you. If GlossyBox can be consistent in both its monthly content and what each customers gets then great! But I do think its wrong when everyone is paying the same price that the value and size of the items sent vary so much. A 10ml sachet of shampoo VS a 200ml bottle of hair treatment is ridiculous. This always has and always will be my biggest problem with the system.

  6. I thought that I'd report back as I got my box today. I was quite lucky as I received the Neal & Wolf Glow spray. I would have loved the Mythic Oil instead, or the conditioner but at least I didn't get the dreaded sachets. However, I had the Salt Scrub sachets, which I'm not thrilled about. The Green People 'Fruitful Nights' sample is ok. 10ml won't go far but they are a great company (but surely not 'new' or unusual?) Like everyone else I have the Plum perfume.

    So...Still oddly disappointing. I REALLY don't like the fact that people are getting such wildly different boxes. It seems very unfair, especially when they invited Bloggers to a special event, let them pick out products for a tailored extra freebie box THEN gave them these boxes a week early and for free! I don't really think the products are that interesting or new (not genuinely new, like Boudoir Prive). I wish that they had done the simple thing of matching people to the right HD brow palette. That would have been a good start. Mine is ok but I would have been better matched with 'Vamp' so it leaves you feeling disappointed, even though it's the 'star' product. The colours in Foxy are too warm to be flattering on my complexion but at least I didn't get the blond one. Also, surely it would be a simple thing to not send a powerful anti-wrinkle cream to anyone under 30? Lots of the bloggers are very young and I've seen a couple say they'll give it to their Mum. I don't think the Stri-Vectin cream would be good to use on young skin. I would have loved it in my box though. Ah well.

    All in all, I don't feel warm towards GlossyBox. This is my most disappointing box and yet it's the one that I paid most for. I suspect I will drop GlossyBox and stick to Boudoir Prive and Feel Unique who seem more thoughtful in their approach.

  7. My box was different to yours, i got the same hd brows kit and plum perfume sample, but i got a 200ml tube of intensive hair conditioner, 2 sachets (50g) of spa magik salt brush and a teeny pot of moa green balm. Don't get why the boxes are so different??!! xx

  8. Whilst I do like my box contents:
    Dead Sea Spa Magik [sachets]
    HD Eye&Brow Palette
    Moa The Green Balm
    Neal & Wolf Glow Super Shine Spray
    Plum by Mary Greenwell

    I didn't feel that rush/buzz of excitement that I did with last months box.
    Last months box the sample sizes were mahoosive! And not being greedy, but I was rather shocked at the size of the Moa balm pot.

    The different boxes thing was the wrong path to go down before they have the preferences area working. You'll get some people loving their box, and other people feeling upset.
    Personally I am glad about the contents of my box, as I try to avoid oily products, and I'm very particular over my shampoos and conditioners.

  9. gosh! this was my first glossy box and I didn't think that everyones varied that much! this is a huge difference and it's totally unfair, I've got a great box but really feel for everyone that's got only one full size product! glossy box need to get their act together.

    I got:

    Neal&Wolf Intensive Care
    Dead Spa Salt Brushing
    Plum Perfume (which I really like :D)
    MOA balm
    HD Brows even though it's not for blondes and mine didn't come boxed? so i didn't know what hair colours it was for or how to use it!

    I've done a quick vid here if anyone is interested http://beautybecca.blogspot.com/2011/09/september-glossy-box.html

    I hope they do it better next month!


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