Luxurious Lil-Lets

Yeah I know, it’s not often that you’d write the word ‘luxurious’ next to a feminine hygiene product. And I know it’s not really the done thing to talk about such things… but I figured that most of my readers were female, and most of those females probably use feminine hygiene products, so here I am, sharing one of my latest discoveries.

Lil-Let’s have come up with the fabulous idea of totally repacking their products to make them look cute and discreet. This is how you’d see them on the shelf…

But once you take off the outer sleeve, the only way anyone would ever know what was inside was if you had the Lil-Lets logo showing…

The packaging for the sanitary towels are still in a plastic type bag, but I love that they have real ribbons to keep the top closed

I would not be embarassed in the slightest, to have one of these tubs on display in my bathroom. No one would ever know what was inside. Yes, we have to menstruate, but I don’t necessarily want my bathroom to say ‘just so you know, I’m on my period’.

To add to the whole theme of discreetness, they have made the packing of the products themselves as discreet as possible.

The wrappers are now ‘whisper wrappers’ which means that they make much less noise than ‘normal’ packaging. There is no plastic rustling noise when you unwrap the tampon, at last!

The tampons come in a full range of absorbencies from lite to super plus extra, and are priced at £2.39. The towels come in normal, long, and night and are priced at £1.89 which I think is fabulous considering how unique they now are.

It’s about time someone has tried to make the time of the month a little more pleasant, and I think Lil-Lets have done just that!

Have you seen the new packaging yet? What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Luxurious Lil-Lets”

  1. Personally, I think this is a marketing ploy – I honestly don't care what the packaging of feminine products is like and I don't think it is something women should be embarrassed about, fact of life 🙂

    They are pretty but I don't think that would affect my decision to buy them – especially as they are going to sit in my pants and get all gross anyway.

    Steph x

  2. I don't think it is a marketing ploy – things like this matter to me, and a lot of other women! I can also see it appealing to young girls who have just started their periods and feel a little embarrassed about the whole thing x

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