Denman 'Kiss Me Quick' Brush

How cute are these new brushes from Denman!?

The brush is the classic D3, which I think every household seems to own - but they have been jazzed up with a saucy lip print just in time for valentines day!

The brush is a nice weight which means easy work when it comes to taming the mane - and the rubber pad which holds the brush bristles in place is anti-static which is always a bonus. It has seven rows of bristles and a long handle which is good for control.

The Kiss Me Quick range consists of the red with black lip print like I have, pink with silver lip print, and black with red lip print - they are limited edition so if you fancy one, try to be quick!

I also couldn't resist the mini keyring version of the D3. It is sold as a keyring, but remove the keyfob part, and voila - you have a teeny child's brush! My daughter thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread and has been brushing her and her dolls hair non-stop since I gave it to her!

Are you a Denman fan? What do you think of the new brushes?


  1. ah how cute!! i have a pink denman brush and I love it
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  2. I always hear such good things about Denman's and these ones are super cute! x

  3. Omg, I love the little lipstick print! So cute.

    x Michelle |

  4. Such a beautiful brush. Having done hairdressing in the past, Denman brushes definitely became my best friend!


  5. I love Denmon brushes a lot. I'm a licensed cosmetologist and I go through brushes really fast. I use Demon brushes to blow dry the hair straight and they are the only brushes that can stand the heat of my blowdryer.

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