Nails of the Day: Nicki Minaj for OPI - Pink Friday

When I heard Nicki Minaj was doing a nail polish collection for OPI I couldn't wait to see the colours. They are inspired by her love of bright colours - and if her collaboration with MAC was anything to go by, this collection would be good too.

In the end I decided to buy just two of the six polishes - Pink Friday, and Fly - which I will swatch soon so stay tuned for that one.

My first thoughts as I was applying the polish was how wide the brush was - it seems a lot wider than the usual Pro-Wide OPI brush. The formula was very thick, and very opaque - one coat was more than enough to completely cover the nail (although in this photo I went with two - I can't not!)

I love the colour - it is almost a bright baby pink while staying milky, and reminds me of Hubba Bubba drink (who remembers that!?). It's similar to a few other pinks I have, but not identical - perhaps due to the blue tone in it.

I know I am going to give this a good run for it's money over the summer, but it's also the kind of shade you could wear in any season and get away with.

Do you like it? What are your thoughts on the rest of the collection?



  1. Great colour, this is the one from the collection that I really like. :-) x

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  3. I love Pink Friday so gorgeous, I also really like Fly and Metallic 4 Life! xx

  4. This looks beautiful, similar to 'Mod About You' by OPI xxxx

  5. I really like this shade, the entire collection is nice but this one is my fav! :D

  6. I like this, so pretty. I would probably save it for spingtime. I have a thing about wearing shades I feel suit the season so for the rest of the collection, I love Super Bass Shatter but Did It On 'Em is one that I think I could only wear in summer on bronzed toes.

  7. could this be the perfect pink? i think so. well done nicky minaj and team for this shade. funny enough when i see it compared to other shades of pink on a wheel, i find it a bit blah. on its own and set against your skin tone: wow, awesome. please tell us you bought the green as well. i want to see it
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  8. Ooooh so cute <3 bet it would look gorgeous with a glitter topcoat!


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