FashionistA Double Take Long Wear Lipstick: Red Carpet & Coral

FashionistA is one of the brands sold at Superdrug which has a lot of really good items at great prices. Katie Jane Hughes did the make up for the recent PPQ show at London Fashion Week using FashionistA products - if it's good enough for LFW then it's good enough for me!

One of their products is the Double Take Long Wear lipstick. It comes in a metallic red tube, which is quite high-street, but eye catching, and seeing as it's only £7 for a full sized lippie, you can't really complain.

I have two of the seven shades - Red Carpet (shade 6), and Coral (shade 7). Both lipsticks are really highly pigmented - one swoop of these across my lips totally covered them. They have a slight taste of french vanilla to them, which is pleasant, and feel very moistursing as you put them on - they seem to glide across your lips.

Red Carpet is a true red colour which is very glossy. I would recommend wearing a lip liner to help prevent it from bleeding. It lasts well - the swatch on my hand was quite stubborn when it came to trying to get it off!

Coral is absolutely gorgeous! I thought it was going to come out a proper orange - so was so pleased to see that it was this beautiful soft yet bold colour. It doesn't last quite as long as the Red, but even after eating a meal, the colour still remained. I'll definitely wear this one a lot.

Does your local Superdrug stock FashionistA? Mine doesn't unfortunately, but when I find one that does I will definitely be trying out some more of these lipsticks. For £7 you can't really go wrong!



  1. It looks great on you!

  2. good lord, red carpet it STUNNING!!! i don't really care for the other one, but the red is marvelous

  3. I still can't find this brand at Superdrug anywhere it looks really great!

  4. u look fabulous :)

  5. Both shades suit you so well - I must have a closer look at Fashionista as I usually ignore the stand!

  6. I am defo going on a hunt for these tomorrow, I love Coral and Raspberry. I am a bit disappointed that you cant order them online from superdug, a bit strange dont you think.

    Will let you know how my hunt goes.

    Lou xxx

  7. You have the best lips Alice and those shades look gorgeous. I usually ignore Fashionista too, as I'm a bit of a snob with make up. I'll have to try some of it out.

  8. Possible that i can find it now??

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    1. Oh yes, maintaining beauty is a must. Wearing beautiful lipstick is useless if your hair is matted and tangled. You can get the product at as well.


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