What's in my Joliebox?

I got the March edition of the Joliebox this month.... it was a month with all full sized products in it - check out my video to see what was inside mine.

What do you think of the contents? Did you get anything different in your box?


  1. well, it is the 26th today and I still haven't got anything. But I did cancel my subscription. I think glossybox looks better from what I have seen. Joliebox UK doesn't seem to cut it with their choices (Yardley?). leinti nti

  2. I love Yardley, it's such a timeless brand, I've been using it for 15 years now since I borrowed (stole) one of my grans handcreams!

    I was quite pleased with what I got this month, my white nail polish is probably the only thing I wont use.


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