Nails of the Day - Orly Basket Case

Basket Case by Orly is heading straight onto my favourites list! It's a creme cool-toned bright pink perfect for summer. It looks perfect with just one coat (although, as always, I did two) and has lasted for 3 days without any chips, which is no mean feat for my nails!

You get a whopping 18ml of polish in a bottle (a standard bottle of polish is normally 15ml) and the rubbery handle is easy to grip making application easy. Although it's a bold, bright colour, this is one of the easiest polishes I have ever applied!

Do you like Orly nail polishes? What do you think of this colour?


  1. I love Orlys rubbery handle so easy to hold on to when you applying your polish.

    I like the color too :)

  2. lovely shade of pink!

  3. I do like a nice cool toned pink! x

  4. I've not tried any Orly nail polishes but this is rather tempting! xx

  5. I absolutely LOVE this colour, so bright and summery! I've not tried any Orly polishes but this is definitely calling my name...



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