Nails of the Day - Orly Rock-on Red

I'm carrying on my Orly love-fest at the moment, and currently sporting Orly's Rock-On Red. It's quite unlike any other red I own. It's a pinky red - not pink enough to be 'pink', but I don't think it's a proper 'red' either. Dark magenta maybe?!

It's the kind of polish that would look great all year round as it's so warm and bright.

It has a creme consistency, and once again, was perfect with just one coat. I did two just because I can't not!

It's lasted really well without chipping - the more I try Orly polishes the more impressed I am!

Do you like it? What colour would you say it was?!



  1. Aw that's a really great colour. I'm going to try orly as I haven't yet x

  2. That's a great shade, quite versatile x

  3. Very nice shade. It looks like a polish that can be used as a base for various of nailarts to.

  4. just like a fruit and good enough to eaaaaaaaaaaaat xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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