What's in my Glossybox?

My June edition Glossybox arrived a couple of days ago - this morning was the first chance I had to record a video... I am sooooo hecticly  busy at the moment, so sorry for lack of posts - after next week I will have a bit more time again so hopefully will be back in full swing for July :)



  1. I got the same box as you & think it's terible. Unfortunately I can't cancel because I bought an annual sub after my fantastic April Eco box.

  2. Love your blog.
    I'm a BNB ( brand new blogger) and could really do with some feedback ( positive or negative), so if any of your lovely readers could head over to http://pinsprettythings.blogspot.com and give me a little look I would really appreciate it.
    Love, Pins. X

  3. I agree, I think you did get the worst box out there :( I was actually fairly lucky for a change, I got some HD Brow's tweezers, and some Caudalie perfume, a fairly decent sample size too.

  4. Those perfume samples were available on the Agent Prov website for free the other month lol...what a copout from Glossy. They still keep saying you can't get them for free haha silly people

    http://stansfieldleon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/june-glossybox.html this is what i got!

    The box variations are ridiculous!

  5. I received the same box as you as my first ever glossy box. I was so disappointed! Going to give them one more chance next month but cancelling if that one is rubbish too.


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