Inkwear Tattoos

I forgot to tell you all, while I’ve been ‘away’, I got some tattoos done… it started with just one, and I loved it so much that I decided to get two more…


These are temporary tattoos from Inkwear – good aren’t they?!

They do a whole range of temporary tattoos for adults – whether it be for fancy dress, to try it out before you get the real deal, or just like the idea but don’t want the permanency, these are the solution!

They work in just the same way as fake tattoos as a child – remove the backing paper, pop the tattoo where you want it, and press on the back with a damp cloth, and voila!

They sell single tattoos or packs, the one I was sent was the Celebrity Tattoo pack, which has all our favourite celebrity tattoos in one package for £6.99.

The only problem is, now I’m quite tempted to get a real one, arrghhhh!

9 thoughts on “Inkwear Tattoos”

  1. loving the Shhh!

    Urban Decay did similar type tattoos but they've discontinued them now.. was defo fun to wear but don't think I could go permanent! x

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