Save Our Bees!

To tie in with the launch of their new Bee Lovely cream made with honey, Neals Yard have created a petition to try to stop the use of deadly neonic pesticides which are killing bees all over the world and are responsible for the loss of 80% of beehives in the UK.

They want to present the petition to parliament in November to request that the British government joins France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia in banning the pesticides and helping to protect our bees. They need 100,000 UK signatures to be able to do this, so I thought I would help to spread the word to see if some of my readers can help too. You can find the petition at – every signature helps!
If you would like to find out more about how harmful the pesticides are and how important bees are, you can visit the Neals Yard Remedies website for further information.
Please share this worthwhile cause on your blogs, Facebooks and Twitter too.

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