Garnier Olia - Before

This week, I shall mostly be dying my hair.... at home! Eek!

I have always had my hair coloured in the salon, which can get pricey, and have been in awe of friends that just whip on a colour at home and it looks fab. Over the past two years I have gradually been going from black to blonde - and I like the place it is at the moment, apart from the pieces which are still quite dark in contrast.

Just as I was exploring options, I was asked if I would like to try the new at-home dye from Garnier - Olia, which seemed to be perfect timing, so I took them up on the offer!

It's the first oil-powered hair dye, which has no ammonia, and it meant to visibly improve the quality of the hair. Sounds good! 

This is my hair at the moment - I've gone for the Blonde (8.0) dye in the hopes that my darker areas underneath will lift a couple of shades to blend in a little better with the rest of my hair.

I have just done my patch test so expect 'after' pictures at the beginning of next week!

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  1. where are the results? It is nearly end of October!

  2. where are the results? It is nearly end of October!

  3. You must've missed it, I posted results the same week :) x

  4. hi, did you colered your hair whit that coler when you had the dark her or. when you have blond


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