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ghd Pink Cherry Blossom Stylers

Ever since I first tried ghd hair straighteners 10 years ago, I have never looked back – finally I can have hair which is smooth, and not a wild mess, without it taking forever to achieve.

I have very thick hair and usually use the wide plated ghds for that reason, however I was asked if I’d like to give their new, limited edition Pink Cherry Styler a whirl – I was very interested to see how they compared.

The Pink Cherry Styler is the standard size ghd straightener, but design wise, there’s a twist! The ceramic plates on them are pink and sparkly – luckily they’ve managed to do this without them being tacky. The matt black plastic of the straightener has a glossy design on it, and detailing is in hot pink. All in all, they are girly but classy. The rounded barrel means this size straightener is perfect for curling your hair using your ghds.

They are so easy to use – it’s literally just a case of turning them
on, running them through your hair, and seeing fabulous results! I was
very surprised at just how quickly I managed to get my hair looking
normal – 5 minutes was all it took, just as quick as the wider ones.

They transform my hair from a frizzy, fluffy mess to smooth, straight and flowing. If I spent longer, going slower over each section, I could get it very sleek looking too using these; I have so much hair that it’s not often I get round to doing that!

Although I do love my wide ghds, they don’t have the rounded barrel so
I’ve never been able to use them for curling. I will definitely get good
use out of these, once you know how, it’s so easy!

I have made a video showing some of the detail in full, and also some techniques to achieve curls and waves using ghds. Check it out below!

The limited edition Pink Cherry Blossom Styler are available for £129 and includes a Satin heatproof storage bag. £10 of each sale is donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

What do you think of this new design? Do you use ghds to curl your hair?


  1. September 11, 2012 / 9:22 pm

    Love all the designs GHD bring out! This one is super cute, with the cherry blossoms.

    I've had my GHDs for years and years now, its impressive how long they last!

    – Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

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