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Arbonne Makeup Primer

If you don’t wear primer, you are missing out a vital step in your make up routine, in my opinion! Wearing a good primer under your foundation will help to make your pores look less visible, blur imperfections, and is something for your foundation to cling to, making it last a little longer.

I have tried many primers in my time – some have been good, some have been terrible – another to add to my ‘good’ list is the Arbonne Makeup Primer.

It comes in a sleek black plastic bottle which looks very stylish. My only issue is that as it’s opaque you can’t see how much product you have left in the bottle, but they are using technology with their pump applicator to ensure that every last bit of the product comes out. I am going to have to open up my bottle once I can’t get any more out of it to see if this is true!

The primer is silicone based, and feels very slippery to the touch. It’s sightly peach tinged when you first pump it out, but once it’s on your face there is no colour to it. It goes onto the skin really easily and leaves my face with a velvety kind of texture without it looking matt and lifeless.

It’s a dream base for foundation – mine literally glides on over this (I’m using Estee Lauder Double Wear at the moment) and I’ve found that I actually need less foundation when I’m using this primer.

My face does look better overall when I wear this primer – my pores appear smaller, and bad bits are a bit more hazy – I wouldn’t say it makes my foundation last particularly longer, but it does have a better overall finish and I’m not as shiny as I’d normally be which is a bonus.

My skin is absolute rubbish, so for me to introduce something new to my face routine is a bit of an issue for me – my skin has been fine and I haven’t had any reaction when using it. It is filled with “skin conditioning agents, antioxidants and premium skin preserving ingredients” so good news all round!

Arbonne Make Up Primer is £25 for 30ml from www.arbonneinternational.co.uk or from your local Arbonne Consultant

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  1. May 30, 2013 / 4:13 am

    Pinterest brought me to your blog!! My name is Ainsley and I'm an independent consultant for Arbonne. Love the look! If you are interested in purchasing any items from the website (and getting a great discount at the same time!), please use my ID# 116098929. My email is ainsley.mallett@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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