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Garnier Olia – After

Yesterday, I dyed my hair at home – brave, right!?  I was very nervous about it, but it turned out great, and I’d definitely do it again!

I used Garnier Olia, which was really easy to use – just a case of mixing the developer and colourant in the provided pot, giving it a shake and applying it. There were lots of nice touches which made it easier, such as a pop-out hole in the box to stand the applicator bottle in so it didn’t spill, and the pointed spout on the applicator which made it a lot more simple to put on.

My hair, afterwards, is much more uniform in colour – the very bright highlights are now the colour they should be, and the dark section at the bottom of my hair has lifted. I have done a video to show my new hair.

My hair feels surprisingly manageable and was so easy to straighten afterwards – I’d been worried that the condition of my hair would deteriorate, but in actually feels loads better, like I’d had a hair treatment in!
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