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I bow down to the Fun bar - for it is the first thing that has actually made my kids want to have a bath!

One of Lush's latest offerings is the Fun bar - which is a bar, of fun! It is a multipurpose product which you can use as a bubble bath, soap, shampoo, or to hand wash your clothes. It comes in five different colours and scents - the pink one we had is very fruity and sweet with ice creamy smells. It says on the package that it smells of childhood, which is soooo right - it does, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is!

What's so fun about that? It's mouldable! I was quite excited to have a play and see what I could make out of this moon-dough-esque bath time treat, but the minute I opened it my kids rushed over and took matters into their own hands.

My son made a face, while my daughter opted for a muddy puddle.

That's when the begging for a bath started!

I took a piece of the bar, about the size of a mushroom, and put it under running water to make a bubble bath. It foamed up really nicely and the smell was amazing.

They then took their creations to the bath to use as their soaps. They loved that it felt a bit slimey once it was mixed with the water and they had great fun.

In the packaging, the smell of the bar is quite strong - even through the cellophane I can smell it in the bathroom - to the point that I thought my kids would end up smelling really strongly too, but they didn't - it was a nice, delicate remainder of the fragrance.

I've really enjoyed using the Fun bar too - although I think my kids have got the most pleasure from it - what a fab idea! So many kids bath products are laden with nasties which dry their skin out, so this is a welcome break for them to use!

The Fun bars are available in Lush or on their website  for £5 for a 200g bar. 10p from every sale goes to The FunD - which goes to help children affected by the Fukushima disaster.


  1. I bought this today, the bright orange one, I was torn between the pink and orange! I have tested it this evening and it's gorgeous! I will posting about it tomorrow.



    Em's Mixed Bag


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