Free Ojon Shampoo & Conditioner

Girls and guys, mark this in your diaries for tomorrow (8th November) - when you take in an empty shampoo and conditioner bottle from *any* brand to your local Ojon counter, you will get a full size Damage Reverse Ojon shampoo and conditioner worth £41.50 back in return.... for free! Absolute zilch!

Find your local stockist here - see you there!

{update - just spoke to Ojon and it can be just one bottle, you don't have to take in two!}


  1. I thought it was take any empty shampoo OR conditioner? That is what everyoe else's posts over the last few weeks have said.

    1. That's the info I've got - maybe call your local stockist to check x

  2. Ahh this is amazing!! ...I literally just ran out of shampoo like 2 days ago!!
    ...thanks for the heads up babe!


  3. This is so good but I don't have an ojon counter near me :(

  4. I bought the oil and got both of these free and I would have gone to the swap today if there was one near me - I've tried it out and it was great at repairing my hair - it was desperate for a cut but after using this it looked and felt a lot healthier and I can put the cut off for a bit longer allowing it to grow!

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