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Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Candle

Timothy Dunn was originally a florist – tending to celebrities and big brands, who then used his knowledge of floral scents and experiences of worldly travels to create his own collection of candles which has now become the best selling range in Liberty!

His latest release is a limited edition candle, for Christmas, Arabaian Fig.

Even the packaging feels luxurious – it’s very strong and sturdy and has a leather effect to it – the writing and the inner part of the casing is gorgeous matt gold, which compliments the purple perfectly.
Inside, the candle is quite weighty – it is housed in a hand blown glass container, and comes with a silver lid embossed with the Timothy Dunn logo.
Arabian Fig is “a complex blend of wild fig, basil and clove, enhanced by frankincense, cassis, Moroccan rose, and jasmine, intertwined with radiant notes of sandalwood, cedar wood and musk”. That seems like a lot of smells going on – yet when it’s burning, it works. 

The primary smell is of fig, but a spicy kind of fig – which adds to the Christmassey element of the candle. It’s not that classic, pine, Christmas smell, but a different twist on Christmas – a warming, original fragrance which I think is gorgeous not just for Christmas, but a very autumnal and wintery candle.
The wax he uses is a special blend which took years to create which ensures a lasting fragrance and even burn which is a great idea – I hate finishing a candle and there being loads of wax wasted at the sides. The smell is strong but not overpowering – I just hope with the amount I’m burning it, it lasts until Christmas!
Timothy Dunn candles are available at Liberty, Fenwick, Bond Street and www.timothydunnlondon.com.


  1. November 18, 2012 / 6:35 pm

    That second photo is stunning! I've been struggling so much with my photos now there's so little daylight around and you make it look so easy! xx

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