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Bloggers Christmas Shops

If you are still in a panic about some last minute bits to buy, why not support one of your local bloggers and buy from one of their stores?!

I have put together a handful of bloggers who make or sell items. I ended up compiling this list a little later than planned, so some of them may no longer be taking orders before Christmas, but get planning what to spend your Christmas money on!

1. Marshmallow Blends is the creation of Nicoletta from Nicoletta’s Beauty Space – she makes soaps, bath bombs, creams, balms – a whole host of body items which look good enough to eat. This is the Rhubarb & Custard soap – looks delish!

2. Lisa from Brunette Beauty Banter makes gorgeous phone cases such as this Hello Kitty one, and beautifully crocheted items at Hello Krafty.

3. Rhi from The Other Side of Cool makes handmade jewellery with great prices at Jewel Rhi Shop – my favourite piece is this ‘Don’t Cross Me’ necklace which only costs £5!

4. Kia from Make Me Up makes these cute circular muslin cloths, ‘Moonies’ in her store Moonie. You get 3 in a pack for £5.99 and a free Christmas decoration!

5. Natural Nerds store sells lovely whipped shea body butter handmade by Stephanie from Nerd About Town.

6. Louella is the shop created by Zoe from Zoella and Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter – they sell these funky green tinted make up brushes!

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