Nails of the Day - Paul and Joe 018 (The City Never Sleeps)

The instant attraction to Paul & Joe's make up collection is the packaging - it's gorgeous, with an elegant edge and a 50s vibe going on - making them products I wish I had a dressing table that I could leave them out on!

The nail polish is no acception to that - the bottle is almost a curved triangle, with a floral motif in the glass, with a long faux pearl handle with some gold detailing - just beautiful.

I find it odd when products don't have names - but I've Googled about and found that in America this is also called The City Never Sleeps. I feel better now, and I think the name is rather apt!

018 is the first of Paul & Joe's nail polishes I've tried. It's a deep purple colour which looks almost black in some lights, with tiny flecks of pink and blue microglitter.

It was very easy to apply - the long handle helped that - and was a good consistency to paint two coats to get complete opacity then dry to a gloss-tastic finish. As it was drying I noticed that, rather than smelling like nail polish, it smelled of old fashioned lipsticks - it's a good smell!

I love this polish - the shimmer isn't too shimmery, but it's just so interesting to look at up close!



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