Leighton Denny Lip Dual - Deal With It

Lip Dual is a range of lip products created by Leighton Denny, who is most famous for nail polish... so I was interested to see what they were like. Being a nail polish fiend, I love the fact that each of the colours in the range colour-match perfectly with Leighton Denny's nail polish shades.

I initially thought  assumed that one end would be a lipgloss, the other a lipstick, but in fact, one end is a stain, not a gloss.

In the bottle the stain looks like it's going to be a bubblegum hot pink colour, but I was disappointed with the colour payoff on the lips.

It gives a slight pinky tone to the lips, and a nice finish, it's just not what I was expecting. When you lick your lips it tastes really sweet - not a problem for me, but some people may not like it.

{update - was sent this by Lip Dual's Twitter which says that you can also use the stain under the lipstick to intensify the colour and make it last longer - shall give it a whirl!}

{another update - Leighton Denny personally messaged me with another tip - apply the stain, let it dry, then using your finger, blot the lipstick on over it for a more natural look, and the light coating of lipstick will last longer due to the stain}

The lipstick end, however, ooooooohhhh laaaaa laaaaa - I adore it! It's the perfect cool toned bright pink without being too 'yeehah look at me!', since the first day I put it on I just can't stop wearing it!

It goes on smoothly and is long lasting. It's everything I want from a bright pink lipstick. If you want to see it in action, check out my last post of my Birchbox video - I'm wearing it in it. And here is is with full make up.

I may not get much use from the stain, but the gorgeousness of the lipstick means this is now a staple in my make up bag.

Leighton Denny Lip Duals are available from QVC priced at £26.50 for a set of two.


  1. wow the difference in colour ,the dark one looks fab on you ,will have to sample as only really go by there nail polish. great post as usual .

  2. Pretty colour, ur so gorgeous x

  3. I love this comes with a matching lipstick and lipgloss because sometimes it is so hard to find a lipgloss to go with a lipstick. Such a pretty colour!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x


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