Nails of the Day - Color Club Raspberry Rush

When I was at Professional Beauty this week I found a stand selling 2 Color Club nail polishes for £5, so I indulged in 4 of the beauties. The first one I thought I'd try is Raspberry Rush from the previous collection of scented nail polishes - the Wicked Sweet Collection. I already have Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, which I love, so figured this would be just as good.

It is!

It's a lovely bright jelly pink, verging on neon but it doesn't seem to have that white base to it that a lot of neons do. It applies super-smoothly and two coats left it opaque. You do have to be careful when doing the second coat that you paint all over the nail again, as if not, I realised the difference in the two coats is really visible.

My favourite thing about it is the smell - Raspberry Rush would lead you to believe it was raspberry scented, but to me, it smells exactly like a bubble gum I used to have - it doesn't smell of bubble gum, just *that* bubble gum... it came in individual pink packets and had a juicy bit in the middle... if anyone knows what I mean, please let me know! {update: Bubaloo! Thank you Rachel!} My son thought they were a bit cherryish, which I agree with - not synthetic cherry (bleurgh!) but proper cherry-cherry! The smell isn't too strong - you can't smell it all the time, but every time I bring my hands to my face I get a pleasant reminder!

For £2.50, I'm a very happy lady!



  1. This is such a fun right colour. Perfect for summer :)

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  2. Gorgeous colour, I fell in love with this nailpolish! :)
    xoxo Renee

  3. Such a beautiful colour, perfect for Spring / Summer. I'd never heard of this brand before but it looks lovely :)

  4. Nice colour, Ideal for upcoming summer! I also think it's very nice that they have a smell.




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