Please Vote! Rodial Beautiful Awards

I was amazed and very flattered to discover I had been nominated for a Rodial Beautiful Award, under the category 'Best Beauty Blog'. I have some serious competition - could I be up against 5 better girls?!
The awards take place on 19th March, which I'm very much looking forward to. All of the other categories have a panel of judges to decide the winner, but the blog vote is decided purely by votes.

Now, I realise I don't have a hope in hell of winning against those girls - I feel honoured to even be nominated - but I'd really like my nomination to seem worthwhile - so please, I'll love you forever if you'd take a minute to vote by clicking here.

Thank you - I shall keep you updated from the awards via Twitter and or Instagram!


  1. Wow huge congratulations huny, you so deserve this.
    Voted and Ive everything crossed for you!

  2. Congratulations!
    Voted and good luck!

  3. Wow! Well done - thats amazing - I will vote for you :-) All the best and good luck! xxx

  4. I'm SO proud of you for being nominated Alice - have of course voted for you!

    Good luck
    Nic xx

  5. can you tell me the location please? :) I want to go to the red carpet


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