Easter at Lush

I love the seasonal pieces that Lush release, and Easter is no eggsception (geddit?!). Not only are they loved by adults, they make fab presents for kids too.

The Heñata bath ballistic (£4.50) is a bath bomb shaped like a spring chicken (or hen), with the insides of a piñata - hence 'Heñata'. The fun part is smashing it against the side of the bath before you pop it into the water - to reveal a whole host of surprises! I spotted glitter, paper flower petals, and another mini bath ballistic in the shape of an egg, which leaves a party in the bath which is gorgeously citrus scented. 

The Fluffy Egg bath ballistic (£2.95)  comes in two designs - stripey and zigzag, with a small flower pressed into the top, and was immediately swiped by my daughter. The smell reminded me a little of their christmas shower gel, Snow Fairy. It's full on candy scented but without being sickly; just the right amount. Plus it's pink and leaves you with pink water and a yummy sweet smell when you get out of the bath. Be warned, make sure you rinse it off if you get it in your hair, as we discovered it will leave a pink residue on blondies (although we rather like the look and I'm trying to hold off for the next hair-wash for as long as possible!)

The last Lush Easter treat I have is Hoppy Easter (£11.95) which is absolutely adorable and I for one, know my kids would love to find this in an Easter egg hunt (as long as there was chocolate involved too - come on, let's be serious!). The packaging is cleverly designed from a handkerchief that is knotted up to resemble a rabbit with two floppy ears. It's reusable so it's the gift that can keep on giving! 

Inside is a Fluffy Egg bath ballistic and a Carrot re-usable bubble bar, which is also available to buy separately (£4.95). I thought it would be a little strange bathing in a carrot scented bath, but it doesn't smell like carrots at all - it's another citrusey one (although it does have carrot oil in it for its soothing properties). You hold the green 'stalk' while swirling the carrot through your bath while it's running, and a stream of colour and bubbles is left in it's trail. You only need a little bit to create a soft bubbly mass, it can then be kept to use again next time. 

All these items are limited edition - as well as three other Easter items I haven't featured (The Immaculate Eggception, The Brightside Bubble Bar, and Easter Egg Hunt soap) and make fab alternative (or extras) to chocolate - they are available at Lush.co.uk or in Lush stores nationwide.



  1. Aw everything looks so gorgeous. I love the chick, and the rabbit! However that pink egg is amazing.. and I sooo love that it leaves a pink tint on blonde hair. Lush always do such lovely products xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Hey Alice! Just wanted to say 'hi' :). I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and I also graduate on AOFM's total pro last year in March! Keep up the good work and congratulations on your blog!





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