How To Lose Your Belly In Your Lunch Hour

Nestled in amongst all of the other medical clinics in Harley Street lies Landmark Lifestyle. They occupy the first floor of number 100 - a tall, thin, grand building which is very wish with the decoration and furniture.  The other thing that made it nicer than your average medican centre is that refreshments were available - and I don't mean a water cooler in the waiting area. Proper hand-made tea and coffee, or water from a glass - what a treat!

I was explained how the Med Contour (or Vaser Shape in America) works through a combination of lymphatic massage and low level ultra sound to flush out your toxins and break down fat. People tend to use it when they can't shift that last little bit of blubber, or to accompany excersize. Some of their clients even use it so that they can allow themselves the odd 'cheat day' without it showing up on their bodies!

I was then shown to the treatment room, which is very much like a room in a beauticians - nicely decorated with a bed, but with a large machine in the corner. It does look quite a beast which made me slightly nervous, but the person in treatment before me came bounding out with a beaming smile and gorgeous, sweat-fee face so I knew it couldn't be that bad!

The treatment begins with a photo and measurement of the area you want to change - in my case, my stomach. Two kids and no stomach muscles doesn't work in my favour. This is to show you your progress along the way - they recommend around 3 to 5 treatments for you to really be able to see a big, noticeable difference. You lay on the bed then your lymph nodes are opened using a very light vacuum - in my case 30 seconds on each side my neck, and stomach. Then the contouring begins.

A machine about the size of a DVD case is rubbed over your problem area in long, flowing movements. It doesn't hurt in the slightest - it feels like someone rubbing a warm piece of metal on you. My lovely therapist Maria could not have been nicer if she tried - she is such a genuinely lovely lady, who, as the treatment went on, regaled me with tales of her life. It could get boring without that as this treatment takes an hour each time. She kept asking me if I wanted to sleep (and believe me, with the hum of the machine, and having my tummy rubbed, I absolutely could have), but fearing I'd not want to wake up, I continued chatting.

As well as working on the front of my stomach, she worked on the love handles at my sides and also my back. Once an hour was done the vacuum machine went back on the lymph nodes - this time a little stronger and for 10 minutes, then a short massage from Maria.

I was measured again afterwards and pleased to see I'd lost 2.5cms which isn't bad going for an hour of laying down doing nothing! I felt perfectly fine afterwards and ready to go about my day as normal. The only evidence I'd had it done was that I had faint red circles on my stomach from the vacuum, but they were gone by the following morning.

I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone - it's so pain-free, quick and effective. It's not like having a body-wrap where your body shrinks down for one night - this get's rid of it, never to be seen again!

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  1. I really want to try this out. I live in the United States and I'm not sure if medcontour is offered here, but I will do my research. How much did this procedure cost? I really appreciate you sharing with me.

    ❤ Crystal Michelle


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