Clarins Splendours Palette

Clarins Splendours Palette is part of their limited edition collection for this summer - a collection inspired by South America in terms of colours and print.

The Splendours Palette looks fairly plain in standard maroon and gold colours - but once it catches the light, an amazing design appears within the lid, it is just gorgeous!

Inside are four neutral, complimentary eyeshadow colours all embossed with the Splendours print - gold, champagne, maroon/bronze and pinky gold. There is also a waxy, deep plum eyeliner which I adore! It goes so nicely with all of the colours and is perfect to wear smudgy or as strong liner. 

The eyeshadows are really highly pigmented and creamy - they glide onto the eye with ease and leave so much colour on the lid with just one swipe. The colours last all day too - my eyes tend to look the same by evening as they did in the morning!

Here are a couple of looks I did using the palette. 

I am loving using it - it is delicate, fresh, feminine and somehow, feels 'sunny' to me! The shimmer in the shadows isn't too overpowering - it leaves a nice satin finish to the eyes, and that liner is absolutely amazing!

Clarins Splendour Palette is out now priced at £31 from


  1. What lovely eye looks! that golden colour is gorgeous x

  2. This is really gorgeous xx
    Lucy from

  3. Such beautiful subtle smokey colours


  4. These colours look beautiful on you Alice - I love their softness.

    Nic x

  5. It's a lovely palette! Can't wait for mine to arrive to play around with it a bit!


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