My Roaccutane Diary : Three Months on Accutane

Somehow, today is the 87th day I have been on Roaccutane - doesn't time fly?! I started on 20mg, then moved to 30mg for month two and three - I've recorded a video sharing my experiences of being on the drug, and also super scary photos of myself before I started and at each month, up until now. I say in the video that I don't see much difference in my skin from the end of month one until now - but once I added the photos in afterwards I realised just how much my skin has changed! If you'd like to know more, have a watch of the video.



  1. Thanks for sharing Alice, I'm so glad you're seeing positive changes to your skin x

  2. WOW, GOOD LUCK! you're beautiful and lovely ^^

  3. Hi Alice! Just want to say a huge thank you for sharing your experiences of Roaccutante. I have just started and currently I am on day 4. I notice that you said you are going to do a post on the best products for the treatment, but do you have any top ones which you would recommend for me now? In particular for hair and face? Or a moisturising foundation which you found useful? :) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :D

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