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As summer comes to an end (boohoo!), and you're left with a fading tan and sun-frazzled hair, maybe Leonor Greyl has the answer. They have a range of nourishing deep action products to whip the skin and hair back into shape. They contain 100% natural and high quality ingredients, and don't contain silicone which many high-street products do, which only give the illusion of healthy, shiny hair.

Some of the ingredients they use in their products are borage, chilli rose, sea lavender, silk protein, seaweed extracts, camomile, avocado, safe, vitamins A, E and F, wheat protein propolis, makketto oil, acacia collagen, zinc, iron, magnesium to name but a few. The company are regularly approached by bigger names in the hair industry to buy it, but their love of the plants and integrity has meant they have kept it a family run business, with their daughter Caroline now taking the reins.

I have been using their Huile Secret De Beauté oil - which is amazing. Caroline Greyl, the CEO of Leonor Greyl says "As far back as I can remember, when we went on  holiday my father, mother and I took along a very special oil that Dad produced especially for us. It was specially designed to protect the skin. It smelled so good and worked such wonders on my young skin that my tan lasted long into the autumn. Without a doubt, it was in order to rekindle these memories that I asked my husband Tom to reformulate – under the watchful eye of my father – an oil that would make life easier for women on the go, an oil for the body and hair made using fine, naturally anti-oxidising and ultra-nourishing oils, so we could share this beauty secret with a few more people. A beauty oil for 2013, if you like."

Huile Secret De Beauté is a multi-purpose oil, for the hair and skin which smells like bliss in a bottle - every sniff is just like summer.

It can be used on the skin to keep it soft and young looking. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it nourished while leaving a hint of fragrance on the body.

For the hair it's a bit of a miracle worker! It can be used as a natural UV filter to block out the sun while you are sunbathing, or to restore your hair to former beauty after over-doing the chlorine. It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, a post-shampoo detangler, or an instant pick-me-up and shine for dry hair.

You can purchase Leonol Greyl Eclat Naturel from Selfridges, Cult beauty, Bliss pharmacy, John Bell & Croyden and Harrods but at the moment Leonol Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute Oil can only be found in Harrods pharmacy (not online) and also Net-a-Porter.

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