The Happy Badger

The what?

I was pretty clueless myself when I had an email from the Happy Badger himself.... but once I read further into the email, I realised what a good little badger the Happy Badger is.

The Happy Badger has been given a whole heap of money, and is contacting bloggers to give £50 to their chosen charity - to spread some joy and happiness. Of course, I jumped at the chance for a £50 donation to the charity of my choice - Camilles Appeal
The charity is close to my heart as it was set up by a friend of mine after her daughter went from being a healthy little girl, to seriously, terminally ill. Camille had a brain tumour. To see the change in her, to feel the worry for her family... to think how devastated I would be if it was my child... I couldn't even begin to imagine how they were all feeling, least of all poor little Camille. 

People began fundraising - climbing mountains, running marathons etc to try to raise funds for the vital surgery Camille needed, and Camilles Appeal the charity was born.  

The good news is, Camille is now tumour free! The charity lives on, focusing on the support and welfare of children under the age of 5 with brain tumours. They have raised over £200,000 in the past 3 years, and have recently co-funded a new rehabilitation service that will provide specialised support for children across the East of England who have received treatment for a brain tumour. 

So thank you, Happy Badger, for contacting me. 


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