Conscious Skincare Sweet Orange & Frangipani Body Butter

It's not often I get excited over body cream - but the Body Butter from Conscious Skincare is divine. And I mean DIVINE.

They call it "Body Butter" but I think there is a fundamental word missing here.... whipped. For this is the most whipped up body butter I have ever seen. Like egg whites whisked to soft peaks - almost foamy. The texture of it is like something I have never experienced before in a moisturiser.

As you apply it to your skin, it seems to magically develop from a foam to an oil like consistency as you rub it in, so rich and soothing, and bursting with fragrance. I have the Sweet Orange and Frangipani which is a really nice warm citrusy nutty smell that lingers on the skin. It contains coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter which leave the skin feeling gorgeously soft.

Conscious Skincare's products are all made without sls, parabens, synthetic or chemical preservatives, colours or fillers, nor do they test on animals - so all in all, a fantastic product from a great brand. 

Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Butter costs £18.99 for 250ml from Conscious Skincare



  1. I love this post and found it so helpful! I'm really suffering with problematic skin at the moment and have been considering supplements - particularly Evening Primrose Oil and I didn't realise that Starflower Oil is similar!
    You mentioned that you have tried topical Vit A - what did you use? I have just been researching different topical treatments containing vitamin A in different forms and am so stuck. It would really help to know what worked for you? neem supplement

  2. Interesting post! love it! Wonderful article! I have used this product also. It have great features and fragrance so good. Also check breast firming products.

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