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Illamasqua #Creators Collection

How very exciting the latest collection from Illamasqua is! They have collaborated with four bloggers to create their very own pieces of makeup which together, make up the #Creators Collection – which takes inspiration from four corners of the online galaxy.

Milly from Pearls & Poodles created Culminate lipgloss – a sheer orangey pink with a hint of iridescence and glitter giving it dimension. She says about her creation “Culminate uses metallic copper tones to illuminate the lips and add a futuristic, space-age feel. The iridescent finish is inspired by the stars of the universe and adds new dimension to colour.” It’s such a pretty shade on the lips, and because of it’s sheer-ness, could be used over lipstick.

Yinka from Vex In The City created a nail polish called Fusion. She says “I wanted to create a shade which reflected my vision of the galaxy. Dark, intense and mysterious with the magic of the stars shining through.” It’s one of those magical polishes which looks really different in different lights. Up close you can see tiny flecks of glitter, in some lights it holds some earth-toned colours, and from a distance it looks like a really wet, glossy, metallic (but not frosty) black. I love it!
Munroe from Munroe Bergdorf created Wanderlust lipgloss. Of her creation, she says”Inspired by the majestic beauty of oil on water, Intense Lipgloss in Wanderlust gives the illusion of stars viewed en masse.” It definitely reminds me of oil on water and shows so many different colours within it – it really is beautiful, although not sure how wearable it is for me, personally – I tend to not wear colours this dark unless they are plum toned, but I will have to experiment a little more with Wanderlust. That said, it’s the perfect match for Fusion nailpolish!

The last piece of the collection was created by Suzi from Style Suzi – Perseid nailpolish, which I audibly gasped at when I saw the bottle. It reminded me of a galaxy manicure in just one polish – a predominately black shade which leans purple or green in the light, then chunks of big, sparkly glitters, and smaller ones too – just beautiful.  She says “Inspired by the explosion of colours in the galaxy, I wanted to evoke the mysterious nature of the sky at night. Different sized glitters were used to created a texture as unique as a star”. As there’s so much packed in to this polish, it is easier to apply warmed up – so keep it in between your legs while you apply a base coat, and give it a roll in your hands before you apply to make it more fluid.

The limited edition Illamasqua #Creators collection launches today online and at Illamasqua stand-alone stores.


  1. October 8, 2013 / 6:38 am

    Wow! The collection looks amazing! Love the way youve swatched everything, I can never get my lip swatches to look half as decent haha

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