Nails of the Day - Cheeky Soots You

A new beauty brand has entered the market this month - Cheeky is an offshoot of the Cowshed Spa range - bringing an affordable range of quality products, as well as a Cheeky Parlour in Shoreditch which offers Manicures which include a nail polish for only £12 and blowdries from £15 - the perfect place to pop to after work!

There are 21 nail polishes in the new range of Chat Me Up nail paints - today I'm wearing Soots You - a blacker than black, glossy polish. The brush is really thick, so that dreamy '3 stroke manicure' is very much achievable with this. I loved that my nails were black from the very first coat, and they look so damned glossy it's untrue! I am very impressed, particularly as the polish is only £7!

Cheeky nail polish launches this month at - sign up to be informed when it all kicks off!


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