My Work: Bars and Melody - Hopeful

If you watched this year's Britains Got Talent, you will definitely remember Bars and Melody - Simon Cowell's golden buzzer boys. They may not have won the show, but they definitely came away as stars, and signed a deal with Syco. I have worked with the boys since they first got together, and have enjoyed every step of their journey.

Today, their first single, Hopeful, is released - Leondre wrote the lyrics himself after being bullied, and the song has touched so many hearts of children being bullied, to parents - and is really making a difference to peoples lives - I receive so many emails telling me how the song has helped someone stand up to their bully, and it has stopped, or they've told their parents.... I am so proud of what they have both achieved.

I am so excited to share their music video which I was make up artist on, and a behind the scenes video too where you can see the fun and games we had on the day.


As I write this, they are sitting at number 4 in the iTunes singles chart, and the EP at number 2! On release day! If you would like to download the single, it costs just 99p and is available by clicking here.


  1. I believe my agency supplied the SA's for this video but obviously I didn't apply for it as even with a lower 'playing' age of 25 I was too old for it! It would have been lovely to meet you if I had come to work on it x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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