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Nails of the Day – Butter London Aston

I have been sent a lovely package of polishes to swatch from Powder Rooms, an online boutique, for them to use the pics on their site. The first I decided to try from my bag of goodies was Aston by Butter London.

Aston after Martin, I assume, and not the little one from JLS. If I’m honest, the reason I picked it is because I thought it looked fairly similar to All Hail McQueen – the polish of the moment, but another blogger had got in there before me with that one! It is a warm toffee brown tone, but with tiny little flecks of silver glitter in it. I don’t normally go for anything but flat colours for my nails, and this was a nice way to test out something that doesn’t fall into that category, as it’s subtle. Because of the glittery particles it does make the polish look very glossy, especially with a topcoat on top. The swatch pic is with 2 coats of polish and Poshe topcoat over them. The nail was completely covered after just one coat, but I went with 2 because I just can’t not!

This is the first Butter London polish I’ve tried. The bottle is a really nice design, it is pleasing to the eye. You pull the large black part off and there is a small tubular lid, much like on the Chanel polishes, but a little thinner. Using that handle with the brush made it all seem a little short, but it did the job. Butter polishes are 3 free which means that they contain no Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. They are said to last longer when used with 3 free base and top coats, which I didn’t have, so just used my usuals. I did have some tipwear after just one day of wearing and some more visible chips after 2 days – but my polish in general seems to never last that long as I use my hands so much.

The range of colours in the range is amazing – some of the ones I have in my bag seem totally unique – I look forward to sharing some more with you.


  1. September 6, 2010 / 5:54 pm

    If your hands are being used on a website showing nail polish can I recommend that your nails are of an equal length and possibly slightly shorter.

    Looks more professional!

  2. September 6, 2010 / 6:14 pm

    Thank you Monica, will file that 4th one down – you know, I hadnt even realised it was longer than the others until you said it, so thank you! x

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