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Chocolate Treats For Your Skin

The sunny weather here in the UK means less clothing, and therefore, to me, means I need to start putting more thought into the rubbish I shove in my mouth. If you need your chocolate fix this Easter without that “lifetime on the hips” feeling, these might prove the perfect solutions for all fellow chocoholics out there.

EO’s Chocolate Mint Shower Gel is priced at £7.09 from Amazon.

Lush’s Chocolala Massage Bar is £8.95 for 60g.

This mini box of Bomb Cosmetics chocolate shaped bath-bombs is adorable, and available from Amazon at £7.96. *notes this down on list of cute pressies for Christmas*

Montagne Jeunesse have this Chocoholic Delight Gift Pamper Pack which contains 2 chocolate face masks, 2 white chocolate face masks, and a chocolate infusion hair treatment for £4. (Products also available separately).

 This Chocolate Soap by Faith In Nature, £1.69 for 100g.

MAD Beauty’s Truffles Lip Gloss Set looks rather realistic, and is priced at £7.

If you were feeling a little more flush, you could opt for the Anti Aging Chocolate Trio from by Karin Herzog, £119 for 50ml of Chocolate Cleanser, 50ml Choco 2 Treatment Cream, and 50ml Chocolate Comfort Cream. (Products also available separately).

…Or SPC’s White Chocolate Body Cream, £37.50 for 200g.

Wow, all this talking of chocolate has made me fancy some… it’s ok, just for today, isn’t it!?

Happy Easter all you Super Gorgeous people!

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