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AOFM Week Three

Thank you very much to the person that reminded me yesterday I hadn’t written up week three of my course at AOFM (Academy of Freelance Makeup)!

So… on the Saturday at the end of week two we’d completed the make up part of the course. On the Sunday I had my photoshoot. This is included as part of the course – you get to make up two models – one has to be a natural look, which would be used as a beauty shot, and other had to be an editorial look, but nothing to ‘out there’!

We had a week to plan and make mood boards, so by the time the day came round we knew what we were doing. We had our photoshoots in groups of 6, so it wasn’t too crowded in the rooms we were working in. We didn’t know which model we would get – just whoever sat at our stations first! All of the models were gorgeous, but I was really happy with the two I got!

We had a hair stylist working with us – Jan Prezemyk, who asked what kind of thing we wanted, asked what kind of clothes we had chosen (we had a stylist and a big rack of clothes to choose from) and he then created a hair style based on that. We then went and shot the photos in one of the rooms that had been converted into a studio for the day, with photographer Lou Denim.

We had 45 minutes to create each look…

For my editorial look I went with smokey eyes and nude lips.

And for my beauty shot I tried to make it look like my model wasn’t wearing too much make up, while enhancing her natural good looks.

On the Monday, we started learning about hair. We had a different teacher on each day, again, which was really interesting as we got the chance to find out different tips and tricks that each of them had. Our teachers during the week were Jan Prezemyk, Desmond Murray, Ben Gregory, Chrysostomos Chamalidis and Simon Maynard. We learned a variety of stuff but a lot of it was aimed at the editorial route.

We learned about the products and what they did, how to reate texture, how to blow dry properly, how to section, how to curl using rollers (wet set, directional set, and brickwork), GHDs, curling tongs, tin foil and wands. How to get wavy hair, how to get mad crazy hair, how to give someone with straight hair an afro, how to crimp, back comb, finger wave, and make dread locks.

We learned hair up styles – pony tails, low bun, chignon, a bun, how to use padding and nets, how to create volume on the top, putting hair into a bow shape, a french pleat, onion hair, glam big hair, fishtail plait, rikracking, sleek hair, and how to apply extensions.

On the Saturday we had to take in an image we wanted to recreate, which we did under the guidance of our tutor.

Here are a few pictures of some of the things I did in hair week:

I feel like I learned a lot, but as I had absolutely no hair experience before I found it quite a lot to take in. I have written a zillion notes so I plan to buy a dummy and practise at home.

AOFM do offer a fourth week, which I decided not to do – it covers nails and air brushing, which I couldn’t really justify the cost of learning about to be honest! So at the end of the Saturday, we all graduated. We were given a certificate and had a 5 minute feedback session each – we all had champagne and chocolates and said goodbye to one another. Working with people in such an intense environment for three weeks solid created some really good friendships and it was hard to say goodbye! We’ve created a Facebook group so we can keep up with what each other are doing – in the 4 weeks since we graduated we have been busy! Two of the girls are working for MAC, one for NARS and one for Chanel. Another is working for an agency which provides luxury department stores with make up artists. Others are doing their own thing, getting shoots organised and trying to build their portfolio.

Once you graduate from AOFM it acts as an agency, posting jobs on it’s Facebook page which the graduates of the three and four week classes are invited to apply to. I have done some amazing jobs through them – Profile 2011, The Ideal Christmas Home Show, Fashion In Style, Sheer Cover launch and I assisted the amazing Yin Lee on a music video. If you’d like to keep up with my journey as a make up artist, please ‘like’ my personal Facebok page.

Also on offer to graduates are the free aftercare Masterclasses. I attended a MAC Masterclass at the MAC training centre which was learning about the new season catwalk trends, and a Dior Masterclass where Dior PRO artist Jamie Coombes gave a stunning make up demonstration and showed us the new seasons products about to launch, and we had a chat with Lisa Oxenham, Beauty Editor of Marie Claire magazine, about what she looks for when hiring a make up artist, the trends from fashion week, and her advice for us.

I think the aftercare is one of the best things that sets AOFM apart from all the other make up schools. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a make up course.


  1. January 6, 2012 / 1:50 pm

    I'm starting there foundation & advanced course on Monday. Been working myself up into a big panic yet the few people I've talked too who have done this course and from reading your experience, it seems this is the best thing I can do, to create my stepping stone (:

    Your work during the course looks fantastic and I'm happy that you have been doing work and I look forward to seeing more. xoxo

  2. February 24, 2013 / 9:00 pm

    Just read all your AOFM round up posts as I'm SO EXCITED about going in a couple of weeks. xx

  3. August 5, 2013 / 1:04 pm

    Thank you soooo much for this post, it helped me a LOT! There is so many make up schools out there, and I think I'll choose this one! xx Helly

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