What’s in my Feel Unique Beauty Box?

I picked up my January Feel Unique box from the post office this morning… and I’m sad to say I am very disappointed! Check out what was inside by watching my video…

Would you have been disappointed too?

5 thoughts on “What’s in my Feel Unique Beauty Box?”

  1. I only get the Joliebox but I love watching your videos on the different boxes to see what I'm missing out on, and I'll be honest….this box did look a little blah. I agree about the conditioner too. You need the shampoo too to really test the brand!

    Also on a side note…your skin always looks so flawless! How do you get it too look so amazing?? I'm jealous. Love your eye makeup in this video too!

  2. @HGL – First for me too, and first time for no full sized item! If they send a cleanser next month it's got to be a joke, surely?!!

    @Robyn – thank you very much! I don't have amazing skin but I think a lot is do with the bad quality webcam 😉 My skin has improved a LOT since using Retin-A. I am currently using Murad Vitalic 'Embrace Balance' range. The eyes were Sin and Toasted from the Urban Decay Naked palette – thanks! x

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