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New Shoes from FYFO!

Once the weather gets nicer, I get more into clothes and shoes… you may notice that in the summer months of last year there were a few clothesey kinda posts… this isn’t about to turn into a fashion blog, but I may blog about some of my new purchases, while the sun’s out!

I’ve had these shoes from FYFO stashed for a while, waiting for the weather to be appropriate… and while we had a quick burst of sun last week (please tell me that wasn’t our summer?!) I managed to give them a good breaking in!

FYFO (Fuel Your Fashion Online) is a website for women, men and children which offer a wide range of shoes, bags and perfumes. While I was browsing, I noticed that a few of the items in the sale were a lot cheaper than I had seen elsewhere, plus they have free delivery which is always a bonus. I hate paying postage! They give a donation to charity with every order too, which is something I don’t see a lot of sites doing.

I wanted something smart, yet casual – so I opted for these Blowfish ‘Casita’ gladiator sandals. They are gorgeous buttery dark brown sandals, with a slight wedge, making me feel like I am little more dressed up than if I was wearing bog standard gladiators. They are made of synthetic material but I honestly couldn’t tell by looking at them. Embarrassingly, I thought they were actually made of leather, until I went and got that link – oops!

As much as I love heels, I’m not the best heel wearer – I am in total awe of those ladies who can wear heels all day every day. That is not me. I can last one night at a time. I find wedges a little more comfortable, and the fact that these don’t have a massive wedge, helps them to be very comfortable and wearable. I’ve managed to wear them for the entire day on more than one occasion, without any discomfort at all, which is no mean feat for me!

They’re a very versatile shoe – I’ve been wearing them with turned up skinny trousers, dresses, and skirts – and I think will be perfect for nights out on holiday – when you want to dress up, but your feet just can’t hack the heels again!

So… do you like them?! Had you heard of FYFO before? Do you mind me throwing in the odd fashiony post?


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