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Red Cherry #601 Lashes

I first heard of Red Cherry lashes when Lyndsey Harrison mentioned she was using them on some of the TOWIE cast – I checked them out further and seems there is a huge range of lashes in all different styles made by them.

KKCenterHk, my lovely lash stockist – asked if I’d like to review anything else from their site – intrigued about Red Cherry, I picked out a few different styles and today I’m going to show you the #601 lashes.

They are made with 100% human hair, and are very natural looking. I really like that the strip band is very thin and as the lashes are placed, it’s even invisible in some areas.

They give a definite enhancement to my eyes without being too obviously false or unnatural. I’d wear these quite comfortably during the day time, as I have short thin lashes and these are so natural looking that I wouldn’t feel an idiot!

They cost £2.10 and are resuable, which I think is a fab price. Shipping from kkCenterHk varies from only 45p to £3.67 depending on how quick you want them, but I would recommend having a good look through the site and stocking up as they have got just so many different lashes for sale!

Have you tried Red Cherry lashes before? What do you think of the #601 lashes?


  1. April 6, 2012 / 9:27 am

    These are really lovely and natural, I don't like false lashes looking too fake, and these are such a good price too!

  2. April 6, 2012 / 11:33 am

    Wow, the band on these really is super thin – I may well check these out as I am rubbish at putting lashes on and often end up having to apply lots of super thick black eyeliner to disguise the fact I've put them on wonky! The price is great too. What are you wearing on your lips in the photo, looks lovely?

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