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Palmolive Authentics

To celebrate the Queen’s jubilee, Palmolive have extended their Authentics range by introducing three new fragrances – Damask Rose & Musk, Bergamont & Verbena, and Lavender & Chamomile.

The new scents are available as shower gels, liquid soaps, and bar soaps – I was sent some of the soaps to try out. When I opened the package I had a sniff of all them and was pleasantly surprised. Each fragrance was delicate yet powerful – even my son who has a really sensitive sense of smell (I mean, reaaalllly sensitive – I can’t even put a glass of juice down within a 2 meter radius without him complaining and insisting I remove it), said how much he liked them.

At his request, we started with the Lavender & Chamomile in the bathroom. Luckily it ties in with my colour scheme perfectly and the packaging looks gorgeous. The liquid soaps are priced at £2.03 each, which, when I think to what else is available on the market for around that price, is really good based on the packaging alone – it looks pretty and of good quality.

Aside from that, they are very nice products. I am a serial hand washer, so am conscious that the soap I use doesn’t strip them. Using the Palmolive Authentics soaps have not been an issue for me, my hands feel lovely and they are left with a hint of fragrance.

If you’re on the lookout for an inexpensive, chic looking product for your home, I highly recommend these!

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