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Very at V Festival

I returned from V Festival, Chelmsford, yesterday, and wow, what a weekend it was! We were so lucky with the weather and apart from Nicki Minaj cancelling, the music was fab too. The shower I had yesterday (after 3 days of not showering!) was one of the best showers of my life!

A nice welcome addition to the V Festival line up of stalls was the Very stand. Because of the freak weather I don’t think everyone had packed appropriately and a lot of people seemed to be thankful that they were running their service. If anyone ordered anything from their phones on the Friday, Very would have it delivered to their stand on Saturday. They also had a capsule collection of around 20 select items, of general festival atire – jumpsuits, shorts, wellies etc, which if people ordered, would be delivered within the hour.

Another thing which proved extremely popular was their hair and make up service. They had mirrors with lights all the way round, which is a massive luxury when you’re used to a mirror the size of a bookmark in a dirty, dark portaloo! They had looooooads of different types of perfumes you could freshen yourself up with, or you could use their products to do your own hair or make up. For free! Within our campsite there were GHDs you could pay to use, which were £5 for 3 minutes, so Very were offering a massive bargain! They also had two hair stylists doing whatever you wanted to your hair – some of the styles were amazing, again, for free! There were other services at the festival offering the same, but for a fee, so you can imagine how popular this was – the queue was relentless!

Aside from that, the tent was just a nice place to chill out – they had a DJ playing great feel-good music, there were deck chairs and benches to perch on, and it was so nice to be able to get in the shade, the sun was so so so so so hot!

There was a wall filled with little polaroids people had put on with their phone numbers which I thought was cute…

And also a photographer there, with loads of props you could have your photo taken with which was a great laugh to do – you got to take home two prints, again, for free!

I think Very had an excellent idea in their stall – it was really reassuring to know that if I’d forgotten to pack anything or  wanted anything extra, it was available to me and it was evident lots of other people felt the same judging by the amount of people I saw collecting their items which I was at the stall. The free hair and make up is absolutely amazing, and very generous – if I ever go to another festival I  will definitely be looking out for the Very tent!
Did you go to V Festival? Did you visit the Very tent? What did you think?


  1. August 21, 2012 / 10:55 am

    I kept an eye out for you but didn't spot you at all! The very tent was amazing, my partner and I loved playing with the props and having our photos done! Hope you had a fab weekend! X

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